Choosing the Best Coworking Space in Bangalore

I am tempted to rate the best coworking spaces in Bangalore, but that would be an exercise in futility. Why? Simple, one chooses a coworking space based on their requirement and the resultant “best” coworking space may just not appeal to you because of it is not in the locality you prefer or be the kind of workspace you like, or not aligned to your budget.

So, I am doing the next best thing – help you, choosing the best coworking space in Bangalore.

Importance of your Office

Is this your only office space, or it’s just a sales office. Will you be entertaining customers here or this office will house the team working on a special project – the choice of an office is driven by the type of work people will undertake. If you are looking for a sales office for your regional sales office, then you may need a central location that is well connected for the team to come in and go or one that is closer to your customer’s location.

Similarly, if you are setting up a temporary office for a special project, then you may need one close to your existing office but one that respects your privacy. Which of these do you prefer:

Shared Office :

If you are looking for something for a short duration and don’t want to spend a lot of money, sharing an office with someone is a great option.

Coworking :

With the option of open seating and private office, this is ideal for a start-up team or for large enterprises that want to have an additional office.

Business Centre :

Ideal for traditional business houses, these are traditional office space segregated for smaller office needs. A modern version of this is the coworking space that caters to the new age and digital economy.

Managed Office :

Outgrowing the coworking space? A managed office or a serviced office is a plug and play office with all the norms of a traditional leased or a rented office. The investment in these offices and the day to day management is undertaken by the service provider. Ideal for large teams that are in a position to commit to larger lock-in period and do not want the hassle of managing their office.

The preferred location for your Office

Having sorted why you need the office, now decide where you would like to work from. Typically, in small enterprises, this decision is derived by determining the locality that is easily accessible to the team. However, over time, people from different part of the cities join in and for larger teams, this decision is normally arrived at by

Connectivity :

you really don’t want to have an office which will entail multiple modes of transport for your team. Central locations, well connected by public transport can ensure efficient use of your time.

Proximity to customers :

If you need to constantly meet your existing or new customers then choose a location that is easily accessible by /to them. You don’t want to travel half way across the city every day to meet your customers, do you!

Proximity to competitors  :

Over time certain localities become the abode to enterprises within a certain domain or industry. If you are in the logistics sector, you may prefer to be closer to your competitors than in the other part of town that is popular for IT companies.

Safety & Other factors :

This is to reiterate the obvious. Stay safe – and away from local nuisance like frothing lakes!

Choosing the best coworking space in Bangalore

Type of workspace needed

Typically the purpose of choosing the office will help you factor whether you need a private office or open desk. Base your decisions on the following factors:

Privacy :

Yes, we all love it and need it at work. You don’t want someone looking over your shoulder and into your computer screen – but beyond that, does your task involve confidential work or having private conversations – if so choose a private office, else look for open spaces that also provide a fair amount of individuality.

Nature of work : 

Silence is golden, and if you are going to be on call the whole day, then choose the comfort of a private office so as to not disturb your coworkers.

Legal :

The terms of your customer contract may require you to have certain access restrictions and mandate certain physical controls which will force your decision. Read the contract carefully, and gives us a heads up!

Tenure : 

Are you looking for an office for a few months while you wait for something more permanent or is this your long term hangout? This may well decide the type of office space you choose. Open seating for a short duration booking may be fine and one may make do with the existing design and layout while for a longer term and a more permanent solution, you will need satisfaction on all your requirements.

Design & Interiors : 

Vibrant and contemporary is the best way to describe the design of any coworking space. The overall idea of a coworking space is to promote collaboration and mentorship – an open culture that is aimed at people working together while retaining the privacy for individuals. So, what type of office space suits you may differ by the design of the coworking studio.

A good coworking space will have multiple internet connections and a good balance of open desk, private cabins, and conference rooms.

Commercial Aspects in your office space deal

 Once you have shortlisted the workspaces that suit all your other requirements, the final aspect to consider while choosing the best coworking space Bangalore is the cost and other commercial considerations. While considering the workspace to choose, the overall cost is more important and so consider how each of these aspects plays out:

Check Online : 

Coworking space that fits your needs is best searched online. With the location and the type of workspace finalized head online and check for workspaces that meet your requirement. Zero brokerage site Sneed provides comprehensive information about every coworking space in the searched location. Apart from the saving on brokerage, there are other benefits of using Sneed which makes it the best partner to work with.

Seat Price : 

While this is the largest component of the overall cost, be mindful that coworking comes as an overall package where each component can be tweaked and negotiated. So work on an overall cash flow model instead of individual components. Coworking spaces usually quote the price per work desk for hot desks and open seating while private offices are priced for the entire setup.

Deposit : 

Deposits at coworking spaces range from 0 to 6 months, depending on the tenure of the agreement. Many workspaces provide the flexibility of choosing the quantum of the deposit the client is willing to pay in lieu of the per desk cost.

Amenities : 

Coworking spaces provide a standard set of amenities that part of the base price. In most cases, that includes internet access, beverages, housekeeping, etc. Some amenities like printing credits may be limited and some more amenities may be purely on a paid basis. The quality of amenities differs by the workspace and one needs to analyze them before finalizing.

Lock in : 

Lock-in period means a commitment to use the workspace for a certain period of time, failure of which binds in financial liability, an alternative, and less punitive clause is to require the client inform the workspace partner, a certain time period in advance before breaking the contract.

Most coworking spaces don’t insist on a lock-in clause. Applicability depends on the tenure of the lease and the size of the deal.  Such notice periods vary from 1 to 3 months and again depend on the tenure of the contract and the number of seats.

Customization charges & One-time fees : 

Coworking spaces also offer to customize their workspaces as per the clients’ requirements – while most of these are minor changes like changing the layout or adding a meeting room or such. Some coworking space may throw in some of these customizations free of cost and bind you to a longer lock-in term, while some other may charge you a fee up front for these changes.

Other Issues

In Addition to the above factors, there are some minor details that determine the choice of a workspace. Some of them are:

Scalability : 

If you are looking to scale up your business in due time, you would want to scale up at the existing office space and not have to change every few months. So look for a workspace that can accommodate the additional seats. It is better to have these conversations at the time of signing up the coworking space.

Parking : 

The expectations are large, but there is limited parking to be sourced! Check out the amenities section on the workspace page to see how much it costs. Most of the coworking spaces have very limited space for car parking and allocate it in the ratio of the seats contracted. External parking, valet services are add-ons to overcome this problem, so ask for details before signing up.

Other Infrastructure needs :  

Do you have any other requirements – a desk phone, server space, storage space for your employees? Make sure that you discuss these before finalizing the deal.


Coworking spaces are eventually known for their ability to forge a strong network amongst its users. So if you are entrepreneur ask for a trial period to try out the workspace. Sometimes signing up just for a virtual office may serve the purpose.

The coffee, high speed internet, security systems, and community events will attract a lot of coworkers just like you. Successful entrepreneurs know how to leverage the coworking community, so keep in mind these aspects while you sign up the deal.

Working spaces need to aesthetically designed and the working environment has to be positive. Criteria for choosing a space will differ for a large corporation when compared to entrepreneurs and freelancers, while the former looks to make a statement and portray their brand, the latter looks for collaborating and networking. Pick your space, happy coworking!

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