10 Reasons to book workspace online

Looking for a new office for your business or just a meeting room for your next sales review – check online before you call your real estate agent. 10 reasons how you can benefit if you book workspace online, sans brokerage:

Tradition has it that we engage an expert to find us a new office. That was true so long as you want to work the old way – a traditional lease which involved entering into onerous contracts and upfront investments. The tide is now changing in favour of ready use offices and also temporary workspaces for specific purposes. Maybe its time to change the way we look for these new workspaces – Online marketplace should be your starting time because :

  1. Check all options

Searching for ready use office online can be tough – you can check the websites of the workspaces that you know of, but are you missing out on something else? Why scan the whole wide web when you can find all the workspaces in one go. On Sneed, just type in the location of your choice and see all the workspaces in and around it.

PS: On the search result page, you will see the number of workspaces that we found– and that is as many sites you would have to visit otherwise 😉. Thank us for the time saved!

  1. Compare options

Having surfed the web, can you imagine what it is like to put together information from individual websites so that you can compare their offering? We covered it through an easy to navigate results page. Filter by your preference and then compare the various options – all at the click of a button. Shortlisting and booking your workspace has never been easier.

What’s more, there is a city-specific page on from where you can access workspaces in the prominent localities.

  1. Verified Workspace Information

Is the workspace for real – or will I receive calls from random brokers? On Sneed we present information in a transparent manner – so every workspace is named and marked on the map. Information about the workspace – the pricing, pictures, and amenities are sourced directly from them. Genuine workspaces and not some click bait, we are committed to helping you find the right space.

  1. Zero Brokerage

The best things in life are free, yes that’s true in the case of Sneed. You access our carefully curated information free of cost, we provide a transparent pricing mechanism and neither markup prices nor do we levy any kind of booking fees. So why engage a broker when you can find better and authentic information online for FREE!

10 Reasons to Book workspace online

  1. Reviews & Ratings

Ask a broker about any workspace and they will tell you what you want to hear. So how about some real feedback? Click on the reviews section and see what users have to say about the workspace – the wow factor, constructive criticism or outright rejection – read about the workspace and then decide if it’s apt for you. PS: Also drop in your review after you use the space, consider it a social obligation!

  1. Ask for assistance

Too many choices to pick from and need assistance? It is simple, just call the helpline number or drop a line to the assistant over chat. The customer care team has an answer to all your questions, whether it is about pricing, amenities and will also help you book your workspaces when you are busy to do so.

  1. Best Price

Everyone loves a bargain, after all why pay more when you can get it for less. Workspaces prices on Sneed are as quoted by the workspace partners with zero markup. The price you see online is the final price before taxes. What’s more, these special online rates are seldom available when you knock on their doors directly.

If you are looking for larger spaces or longer-term commitments, maybe the online assistant can find you some more savings! Go try it.

  1. Pay Online

Many of the users of ready use temporary workspaces are corporates who do not want to pay cash. Also, the value of the booking is often large which does not make cash payments feasible. Since these are workspaces for use, on the go, you don’t have the time to involve your accounting team to pay directly – so we have the best solution – pay for your online workspace booking. A wide variety of payment services have been included, including payments by debit/credit cards, online banking, wallets, etc.

  1. Zero cancellation fee

We understand that last minute changes are common and often beyond your control, so why not make it a part of the booking. On Sneed, you don’t pay for cancellation or rescheduling your booking. Call the customer care team and they will ensure that everything is well taken care of.

  1. Repeat Booking

It doesn’t surprise us when you want to repeat your booking on Sneed – after all, we have listed the best space for you and help you choose the one that fits all your needs. We have made it easy to re-book your workspaces – just call our customer care team and skip the queue of searching and choosing from thousands of options.

Go ahead try out Sneed and see how thousands have benefited from booking workspace online. Read here on what factors decide the choice of a workspace.

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