Tips to make your office space more creative

Everybody likes to feel comfortable in a place where they spend a lot of time. Whether we are at home, in an institution or even at a workplace. Here are some tips how to improve your office space.

Lot of your time is generally spent sitting in your chair, finishing up our work, be it office work, school project, homework, etc. If you have an office space in Mumbai, in addition to the continuous hours of sitting at one place, you also have long commute time. It is therefore useful to surround yourself with elements that are creative and fun, and reduce the stress at work.

Many organisations are bringing in new and innovative ideas to make office spaces more relaxing and welcoming for their employees. Google is generally the prime example as their office has state of the art facilities and is so creative that employees really enjoy working there. Same way, if you want to renovate your office space in Mumbai, and make it more employee-friendly, here are a few ideas that you can try:

  1. Indoor Plants.

Indoor plants are a great idea to bring in some Zen into the office space as it is proven by studies that having plants in the office increases employees level of attention and productivity in their jobs. It will also make your office look more colourful and bright. It will also relax you at stressful periods.

  1. Wall stickers.

Wall stickers that are inspirational and have messages that can enforce a positive vibe in the office. You could also frame a few photographs or portraits that are cheerful, bright and have a soothing tone to them. Choose radiating colours as they are said to have a positive influence on the people working in an office in Mumbai.

  1. Photo wall.

This is a great way to enhance your office space by providing a space exclusively for pictures.  The employees can use it to stick photos and build a photo gallery of their favourite memories. Photographs from their office or home, their loved ones, their friends, family, etc can be a great treat. This is a reminder to people of the good times they had in their lives and create a positive environment.

  1. Shared spaces.

Shared office spaces in Mumbai can increase productivity among the employees of both the companies as people generally tend to work well by imitating others. If there is a space where you see many employees working diligently, each employee will try to seem better than the other and completely involve themselves in their work. Hence, if you have a space which can accommodate many employees, you could share it with another organisation.

These are some creative ways through which you can not only improve the environment in your office but also help your employees enjoy their time at office. Make these changes in the office space in Mumbai and improve their productivity which benefit them and the organisation. If these are not making an impact, keep this in mind while looking for a new office in Mumbai

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